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SVERDYSH Publishing House software program (London, UK) allows you to convert your book manuscript from text format (.txt) into .exe file, thus making it a bona fide application for Windows. Attach any number of illustrations, photos and images in any format to the book. Such Book.exe instantly makes your book easily portable, distributable and downloadable, much more better than, for example pdf format. If you are an author writing in ANY LANGUAGE existing in the world, you can see your book published right now (any fonts and alphabets are very welcome)! And it is absolutely free.

IMPORTANT: System Requirements!

Download SVERDYSH Accounting Program 5.0
Download SVERDYSH-HTML Editor 9.0
Download SVERDYSH Publishing House 10.0
Download SVERDYSH BlackJack Game 7.0
Download SVERDYSH Python Exemaker 12.2
Download SVERDYSH Installer Builder 8.5
Download SVERDYSH Icon Creator 6.5
Download SVERDYSH Color_Picker 7.0
Download SVERDYSH Icon Changer 3.9
Download SVERDYSH Book Indexer 6.3

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Please download SVERDYSH-HTML Editor 9.0 first,
because this manual is entirely based on this powerful website making tool

Secondly, please download SVERDYSH Color Picker v7.0,
which is the best color choosing manner for SVERDYSH-HTML Editor v9.0
Please see Chapter 2 for details.
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Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6