Chapter 5. Using controls


With the use of SVERDYSH-HTML Editor's tools (otherwise they are called controls ) productivity and efficiency of website development literally rocket and the process of coding turns from a tedious and laborious into interesting and creative.
For example, how long could it take to code a table consisting of forty thousand characters?
This task is exacerbated by the fact that it's not like typing a poem: the characters are very uncomfortable for typing, such as "<" and ">"!
But it took only six seconds to implement this task using a tool of SVERDYSH-HTML Editor.

Location of controls

Tools (controls) are scatted all over the menus and you can recognise them by the word "options", for example, Image options. Image options is a dialog (a tool) for making image html codes.
But all tools are gathered together in TOOLS menu!
So, TOOLS menu will become your handy toolbox from now on. To use controls is very easy, because they were designed to be self-explanatory for usage.
Put cursor into the place where you wish, call a control, fill in boxes or select from menus, press the Apply button to have the code produced.
Let's examine the items of the TOOLS menu.
Totally there are 16 controls on the menu.
Just for demonstration purpose, the controls on the menu are enumerated and marked by red figures.

Control 1. Covered in Chapter 1.

Control 2. Covered in Chapter 3.

Control 3. Covered in Chapter 4.

Control 4. Font options

Control 5. Hyperlink options

Control 6. Link color options

Control 7. Table options

Control 8. Cell and row options

Control 9. Image options

Control 10. Background image options

Control 11. Color options

Control 12. Background color options

Control 13. UL options

Control 14. OL options

Control 15. List items

Control 16. ASCII converter

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