Chapter 1. Default template

It takes only several seconds to create a basic Web page with SVERDYSH-HTML program.
Open the program double-clicking on the SVERDYSH-HTML icon:
When the program opens, you will see the main window with menus and buttons at the top and a very big white editing area, which is already containing some code .
This is the default template (module) to build upon by entering values (arguments) between quotation marks.
For example, if you enter argument "red" into BGCOLOR="" (which will hence become BGCOLOR="red"), and then press the Test button (at the top) to view the result in browser, you will make sure that the background of the browser got red.
We will look into the subject of editing the defauld template later, but now we don't enter any values between quotation marks, leaving them as they are.
Strictly speaking, to create a Web page in SVERDYSH-HTML does not take you even one second, because once you open the editor, there is the ready default Web page available for you (the default template).
As you realise, the process of Web page development is just editing (modifying) this default template the way you want and then pressing the Test button to see how your page will look on the Web.
That's how we, programmers, work: edit - test, edit - test etc.
But let's do something. For instance, write "Hello, world!" in the body area of the template.
Press the Test button to view your Web page in browser.
In browser (Internet Explorer) it will look like this:
Congratulations! You have just created your first Web page.
Please note that you actually haven't created this page (because it was created by the default template and was automatically available to you on loading) however you have developed the page by modifying (editing, transforming) the default template.
Close browser. Return to SVERDYSH-HTML.
To save it in My Documents folder or in any other place, click on the File menu, then choose Save As from the menu.
In Save As dialog, enter name "hello" and click on the Save button. That's that, the page is saved as hello.html You can go to My Documents and open this file by double-clicking on it.
The task is now to publish it on the Internet.
It is assumed that you have your ISP (Internet Service Provider), who allows to publish Web pages (website) on their server, this means that you have access to the server, using password.
When on the server, in your file management area, just upload hello.html file to the server according to the instructions given by your ISP.
These instructions are usually very straightforward and simple. And in a minute or two your Web page will be in the public domain, ready to be downloaded everywhere on the Internet!

The page which you have created is very simple - no navigation bar linking to other pages, no images, no animation, no columns of textů So if you want to have all these things, you should design the Web page.

How to start designing a Web page?

With SVERDYSH-HTML EDITOR you start developing a Web page in an absolutely the same way as the majority of Webmasters do - they start from the layout of a page, which means:
1. Putting a big table in the body area.
2. Inserting the contents of a Web page (headings, articles, images, logo, navigation bar etc ) into the cells of the table. This table prevents the items of the contents from uncontrollably "jumping" all over the page.
To do a layout, go to Layout menu, where you will find all the necessary tools which are self-explanatory and easy to use.

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